Sunday, November 15, 2009

From Denise: Cruising with My Travelscoot

We just returned from our transatlantic cruise on the Carnival Dream. This was the first time I used my Travelscoot on a trip and let me say that the Travelscoot far exceeded my expectations. We christened my Scoot “The Silver Chariot” when in Rome.

Though I have both the SLA and Li-lon battery we decided to travel with only the Li-lon battery. I am so happy I left the heavier battery home as I NEVER ran out of power. At first I charged the battery every night but eventually I only charged every other night and I never got low on power. Also, on many of my tours there were steep grades and hills. Though I am a queen sized gal at almost 250 pounds I never overheated the battery. But I always made sure I got a good running start whenever I could.

I never had to fold down the Scoot the whole trip, except for the trip home from the airport as my son-in-law’s vehicle was too small for it and our luggage. On the trip to the airport in my daughter’s van we were able to keep it set up.

I had booked this cruise long before I had the scooter so we had a non-handicapped cabin. Though the cabin door was too narrow to drive through it was VERY easy get it into the cabin. First off, the room steward said it would be OK to leave it in the hall in front of my door if I wanted. We did this during the day when we would come back to the room for anything or to take an afternoon nap or get ready for dinner. Then in the evening when we were “in for the night”, my hubby would get the back end and I would hold the front handle bars and he would just tip the back wheels a tad and it would make it through the door way. Eventually we would take the seat and battery off and he could get it in without my assistance. I didn’t try this myself but I think I could have done it on my own if need be. The Scoot didn’t take up any room in the cabin even thought we kept it completely set up.

As for leaving the Scoot when parked since it doesn’t have a key, this was never a problem. Sometimes I would park right inside the dining room, off to the side, other times out in the hallway leading to the dining room and no one ever bothered the Scoot. But, this cruise only had about 40 passengers under the age of 18 and very few teens or pre-teens who might be tempted to take a “joy ride”. Even in Spain when we went to lunch in two ports of call I left the Scoot just outside the front door with no problem as the staff and I could keep an eye on it. I had purchased a retractable bike cable to “chain” it if needed.

The Scoot did wonderful over the cobblestones of Rome and all our Ports-of-Call in Spain (Barcelona; Malaga; Palma de Mallorca; Gran Canaries). In Rome we did an all day Highlight’s of Rome tour and the company had a mini van and the Scoot fit in the back without folding it down. The only sight I couldn’t participate in was the Catacombs but there were beautiful grounds to enjoy while the rest of the group went down into the caves. All our other tours were by motor coach and it went easily into the luggage compartment. King’s Wharf in Bermuda was easy to get around on the Scoot and we took the ferry over to St. Georges with no problem. St. Georges was a little more challenging getting around as it is a very quaint village and the sidewalks very narrow. We had been there before so I really didn’t feel like I missed anything as I was able to get around the waterfront area with ease and we had a nice waterfront lunch and shopping. I am sure if we had decided to go into Hamilton it would have been more user friendly. Oh, in Mallorca we took the antique train to Soller and though the Scoot couldn’t fit in the passenger car, they either put it in the caboose or the engine with no problem (I am actually not sure which of the two they took it too)….the beauty of the Scoot being so light.

I wish I had a batch of business cards for Travelscoot….it was a big hit with other passengers aboard the ship. Everyone wanted to know about it. I had a lot of envious looks from folks with mobility issues that were using canes or crutches.

I will attach a link to some of the pictures we took of me and my Scoot on tour. I was disappointed that I didn’t get more pictures in Rome… camera battery went dead and I had left the spare in the hotel room. Unfortunately since I am the chief photographer in the family there aren’t many of the Scoot anyway. But this might give you an idea on what to expect. I am so happy I purchased the Travelscoot as it gave me the freedom to get around that I wouldn’t have had without it.



  1. denise we'll be on the carnival dream on 1/23. did you see john heald when he got on the ship in bermuda? i did the cruise with you through the internet! zeidocruiser was aboard and posted photos every day. it was amazing. and when you get a hc cabin next time you can ride right through the doorway into the cabin.

    smiles, bee

  2. Denise this was an awesome review! It really makes me feel better about the cruise I'm taking in March. It's my first time cruising. I can't wait!

  3. Thanks for this review; I've fowarded it to hubs. I am so looking forward to taking my TS on our upcoming mid-winter Caribbean cruise.

    Questions for you, and anyone else flying with their 'Scoots:
    --> Any problems with the airlines, gate crews, etc?
    --> Did you use Hardy's Travel Kit? (I need to decide whether to buy it.)
    --> If not, what steps did you take to insure safety of your TS and your battery(ies)?


  4. My experience with flying with my TravelScoot (4 flights) is that you have to learn to be versatile and adapt to whatever situation presents itself. You're traveling with something different, and there's no way to ensure that your flights will always be trouble free. If you read and follow Hardy's instructions for flying, that will get you through most situations. I haven't had any real problems when flying, but each flight was a little different.

    I used Hardy's travel kit. The pieces are custom made for your scooter, and the price is reasonable. An alternative would be to buy a cooler bag to carry your battery in, or a padded laptop bag. The travel kit bag is the correct size for your battery, and the handlebar cover fits perfectly.