Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elford and the Helsinki Metro

From Elford:

Here are some fotos on the Helsinki Metro. I usually get on the Metro at Vuosaari (our suburb) and go to another station, get off and then scoot to another station. Then return to Vuosaari. This allows me to see parts of Helsinki I have never seen before. I have never run low on battery yet. The Li battery seems to work very well.


  1. Elford, I'd LOVE to see more pictures of Helsinki. I hope you'll share more of your adventures with us.

  2. Hi Elford, I see you have a blue bag over the motor in some of the pictures, what was the reason for that?

    I second the more pictures of Helsinki I love seeing other places via Scoot.

  3. Hi Cynth, I placed plastic medical foot cover over the motor to keep it dry. The same you use in a doctors or dental office to cover your shoes.