Sunday, November 1, 2009

Denise in Palma De Mallorca, Spain

From Denise:

Hi from Barcelona and the Carnival Dream

Hello to Elizabeth and all her Blog followers from a beautiful day at Sea. The Mediterranean today is calm and the weather is just delightful. Life is good. I’ve taken a number of spins around the outside deck with my Scoot today. As I sat out on the deck enjoying the sea air I’ve had a number of my fellow travelers stop and ask questions about the Travelscoot. Everyone is impressed with my “Chariot”. I only wish I had a bunch of Hardy’s business cards to hand out LOL.

Yesterday we had a wonderful excursion in Palma De Mallorca Spain. We took the tour to Soller, Dei and Valdemossa. From Palma we took the Tren de Soller, an old fashioned electric train that is preserved and 100 years old. The station had a steep ramp but I was able to get up good speed and make it up without overloading the battery. The train runs on narrow gauge track so the cars are not very wide so the scoot did not fit in the car without folding it up. But it would fit up with the engineer so they took care of it while we enjoyed he hour ride to Soller.

Soller is a quiet picturesque town between the mountains of the rugged north coast of Mallorca. We had free time to explore the village square and all the small streets leading off of it. The Travelscoot had no problem on the cobbled inclines of the streets. After our free time we had quite a hilly hike to where a motor coach was parked to take us on the rest of our journey. This was a walk I would have never been able to make without my Scoot. I had many looks of envy from my fellow travelers who were walking with canes. The drive over the mountains, through Deia to Valdemossa was just breathtaking over winding roads with spectacular views of the Mediterranean below….and hair raising in some spots. I am amazed on how the motor coach took the hairpin curves to find a car zipping around the other side and no crash resulting.

When we arrived in Valdemossa we had an hour of free time to explore the shops and visit the La Carteja Monastery. Once again the Travelscoot proved she was made of the right stuff and handled extremely well. It’s wonderful that when steps are required that my husband can carry the scoot up for me. After exploring the village we met up with the group at Restaurante Can Pedro for a wonderful late lunch. Lunch was served family style and we had so many wonderful dishes…..bruchettta with chicken, tomato and capers; friend calamari and sardines; baked squash, eggplant, thin sliced potatoes and mushrooms with tomato puree; another baked veggie dish that had bread in it; and a delicious slow cooked pork. This was served with baskets of fresh homemade bread and wonderful garlic butter and lots of wine. Dessert was sponge cake and ice cream which were both homemade. The meal was a true feast which we really enjoyed. We still had some free time after lunch but we relaxed and enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurante and the wine with our tablemates.

The drive back to Palma and the ship was only about a 35 minute drive. We chose to board the ship after the long day. It has been a memorable day.

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  1. Ahh, an epicurean delight!

    Denise, your post has me salivating, daydreaming, and enjoying, even if second hand, the pleasures of your cruise.
    It also has me, once again, thanking Hardy for the blessing of this little machine on which we can........