Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bee answers Anne's cruise questions

This cute couple is Sarge and Bee. 
They've had their TravelScoots for over a year and are our experts on cruising!

Q. Any advantage (other than price) to having a lead battery as 2nd battery as opposed to a 2nd Li-ion? I'm thinking in particular on excursions, heat issues.

A. yes, i prefer the heavier battery on a ship as there are a lot of ramps and the lion will overheat and cut out often. i have both but only take the heavy one on cruises. it runs all day and charges at night.

Q. Speaking of excursions: How does it work w/ the TravelScoot (TS)? Other than Princess Cays, all our ports this trip are non-tendered, which will make a big difference. But how to find out which excursions will accommodate the TS? How do tour operators/bus drivers respond to it?

A. first of all some tenders will let you on and some will not. if you go on a ship's excursion they will not let you book ones that you can't take the scooter on, they are good about it. be careful about private excursions, they only want the money and will tell you anything. if you get a private taxi to tour most ports do have vans and will help you take the scooter. honestly we have been to the caribbean ports so many times we usually stay on the ship! or just go off and ride around the port and get back on. the ramp to get off and on is really steep and you might have to walk up and down that but i can do it.

Q. What do you do about securing your TS when you're not actually sitting on it, for example in the dining room, or at the pool, or while on some part of an excursion that doesn't accommodate it?

A. well other than one time i have never had a problem anywhere. once we had a cabin on the lido deck and left the scooters outside the door for an afternoon nap. (i say scooters because charlie and i both have them) well some kids took them and did their best to trash them. security got the scooters and carnival repaired them to new but it was scary for a bit! when we opened the door and they weren't there! yikes! but it all ended well. and in the dining room and theater and such, just park it out of the way and i don't think there will ever be a problem. i have taken mine on seven cruises now.

Q. My memory of Princess ships is that they are not very size-friendly. Are you able to use the TS as seating in the buffet area or the theater, for example?

A. never cruised princess.

Q. Do you "scoot" thru the buffet lines? What do you do with your tray?

A. the crew will carry your tray, just ask someone and they are very nice about it.

Q. How do you manage getting in/out of elevators w/ no reverse? Are other pax generally helpful or PITAs?

A. pita's for sure. i try to leave the theater late after the rush is gone because i don't like to walk out before the cast gets their applause to get there first. otherwise if i have to get in a crowd i just sit at ONE elevator door and sort of block it so i am first whenever that one comes. our problem is we have two of them! but we always manage, just relax and enjoy. if someone pushes in front of me i usually very nicely say something like "you must really be in a hurry, go on in front of me and i can wait for the next one" or something like that to embarrass them if i can.

Q. OK to scoot to muster drill?

A. yes and at least on carnival you don't have to go in the crowd, they have a special place to go and you don't have to take the life vest but i don't know about princess. i always go before time so i can get an elevator though to get there.

Q. Any recommendations for TS accessories -- for example, should I buy either of the baskets? What accessories do you have on yours?

A. i think the baskets are way too big. i went to walmart and got a small purse like velcro thingy and put that on the handlebars and a small schwinn cup holder. otherwise i just use the bottom canvas thing.

Q. Any tips, beyond Hardy's, for air travel with TS?

A. no, he's the pro!

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  1. Thank you so much, Bee for your replies, and Elizabeth for posting them here.

    I'm still deciding which two batteries to order:
    one each SLA (the heavy cheaper battery) and Li-ion (the regular size one, which Elizabeth calls the "Cub"), or two Cubs.

    I hear Bee's argument for taking the SLA on the cruise ship, but she lives in Fla. and doesn't need to fly to get to her ship. I'm concerened about managing that heavy battery thru two flights each direction.

    On the other hand, how safe will the heat-sensitive Cub be while on non-air-conditioned excursions on hot tropical islands?

    I think I'll need to call Hardy tomorrow and try to work this out. It's the only decision keeping me from ordering.

    Will let you all know how it turns out.

    Anne, "ScooterMama"-to-be