Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kay's comments on Anne's questions

This is my sister Kay and my husband Alan, putting together her TravelScoot

2. Speaking of excursions: How does it work w/ the TravelScoot (TS)? Other than Princess Cays, all our ports this trip are non-tendered, which will make a big difference. But how to find out which excursions will accommodate the TS? How do tour operators/bus drivers respond to it?

KM - I would go in with the expectation that all excursions will accomodate the TS. The tour guides have probably never had an experience with a TS, but may have experience with the larger heavier models of scooters and may have had negative experience because of the size of these scooters and the fact that the people who use them are more handicapped than someone who can use the TS. Be passionate about the TS and treat this as new territory and I bet you will not be disappointed.

On a daily basis I take a ferry from New Jersey to New York. The deck hands are EXTREMLY accommodating. Once your tour guides find out how light it is and how little space it takes it will not be a problem in my opinion. It also depends on how you treat the situation. You have to go in not expecting to have any problems. Treat it as an extension of yourself. No apologies for using a scooter and only a positive attitude.

3. What do you do about securing your TS when you're not actually sitting on it, for example in the dining room, or at the pool, or while on some part of an excursion that doesn't accommodate it?

KM - I keep the scoot within arm's length in most situations. In a restaurant or other enclosed area you may not have to be as concerned. You will have to use your own discretion on the safety of the TS. You could always get something to attach it to a table leg or something else. A dog lead would work or any other number of such things. Be creative. There are also leads for toddlers that probably come in a great variety of colors and patterns.

4. OK to scoot to muster drill?

KM - Is this a fire drill? If so, I would scoot to it if possible. You want to always have your scoot handy if it is needed. If there is a real fire and you have to abandon it that is one thing, but usually these are just drills. The people who would help you in case of a fire need to know that you cannot use the stairs, but need the elevator. In the building where I work the guards are aware of everyone in the building who cannot escape via the stairs.

5. My memory of Princess ships is that they are not very size-friendly. Are you able to use the TS as seating in the buffet area or the theater, for example?

KM - I agree that it would be best to sit in a regular chair. If you have no other option then you will have to make do, but do not forget to lock your wheels while you sit. Also, don't forget that the TS is VERY size friendly, in that it doesn't take much room You can scoot in the space that you (or most people) can walk in.

6. Do you "scoot" thru the buffet lines? What do you do with your tray?

KM - If this is a buffet there must be wait staff around. If they don't ask to help you then you should ask them. When you enter the buffet area tell the Maitre'd (not sure of the spelling???) that you need assistance. I am certain that there is someone to help you. These companies are customer oriented - that is how they get their business. Again - no apologies!

7. How do you manage getting in/out of elevators w/ no reverse?

KM - I agree - it is never a problem. You will find that people want to be helpful. All it takes is a little experience on your part, too. So.practice getting in and out of smallish spaces. You will be surprised at what you can do.

8. Are other pax generally helpful or PITAs?

KM - Not sure what a PITA is, but I can guess. You sometimes get people who walk through a door and don't pay attention to anyone else, but my experience is that many people are aware of the surroundings and will automatically hold the door for you or _____________ (fill in the blank.) On the other hand using a TS is all about independence and mobility, so you should be able to open your own doors and make you own way and not have to depend on others to help you get around. The TS allows you to help yourself with mobility issues. I NEVER apologize for taking up the space that I do - with the TS or without.

9. Any recommendations for TS accessories -- for example, should I buy either of the baskets? What accessories do you have on yours?

KM - I agree, with the addition of a couple of those bags (.99) that you can buy in many grocery stores for anything that is extra that you might happen to find. I also have a Mommy Clip and a Baby Clip that I got at BuyBabyBuy. It is a carabiner (1 about 3 inches and 1 about 8 inches) and I use to attach a bag such as a camera bag or my purse to the frame of the scoot so it can't be stolen easily. You could attach a leash as mentioned in question 3 to this, too.

10. Any tips, beyond Hardy's, for air travel with TS?

KM - No, Hardy has it all figured out!


  1. AmpleThanks, Kay!

    Muster drill is the lifeboat/life preserver practice that is manadatory for all passengers at the start of every cruise. It can involve half an hour or so of standing with nothing to lean on -- pure torture for me.

    PITA is Pain In The, um, Anatomy (or pick your own A word.)

    One of the most important things you said, which bears repeating and memorizing, is "TS is all about independence and mobility. Amen, sister!


  2. On a cruise I was on last March, I told the room steward that I had trouble walking, so he told me to just stay put for the required fire drill. I did so with no problems.
    Keep on traveling!!