Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh the places my TravelScoot has been...

Last weekend I went to my nephew Shane's 40th birthday party, a not-to-be-missed event. Shane was my very first nephew. I remember the night he was born, when he took his first steps, and how he'd want me to hold him because I'd go stand by the light switch so he could turn the lights on and off. Now he's gone and grown up on me, choosing a shot of tequila over a bottle of milk.

The party was in the bar at Superior Grill, a favorite local spot, and I felt like I was parking in Egypt, so using my scoot was a "must do." When I got there I worked my way through the tables, then encountered two steps up to the bar. Lucky for me my scoot's light, and was easily carried up the steps. At the table we needed a place to store it, and that's what the picture is of. That's my scoot, folded up, in a bar, under a chair against the wall. It still amazes me that it is this versatile.

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