Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elford from Helsinki

From Elford:

Enjoying your website and all the valuable information. I got my TravelScoot last February. The reason I got it is old age and arthritus caught up with me. It also comes in very handy for carrying my camera equipment around. The elevator in our apartment here in Helsinki is small and scoot just fits. My wife and I live about 12 miles from the center of Helsinki, so if I want to go downtown I just drive my Travelscoot aboard the Metro. All the Metro stations have elevators for the handicapped or mothers with baby buggies. The cobblestone streets downtown present a little problem but I go around them if I can. I have two Li-ion batteries per Hardy`s recommendation. I rotate them after every use. No battery problems yet. "knock on wood". It gets pretty cold here in Finland in the winter so I wiil take my scoot by auto to our shopping malls and use it there where it is warm. Anyway, I really like my TravelScoot glad I got it.

Welcome, Elford!


  1. Hi Elford! Since you live where it gets cold...have you noticed if the belt on the scoot gets stiff in very cold weather?

    I am kind of concerned leaving it in the trunk of my car once it gets really cold here.

  2. Cynth, I never thought about the belt getting cold and stiff being left in the trunk, let us know if you learn anything about it.