Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nancy's food tray invention for the TravelScoot

From Nancy:

The problem I had was that a regular size paper or styrofoam plate would not fit in the basket. I sometimes go down to the cafeteria at work to get take out, so I needed a bigger, but secure, tray to carry the take out plate or box on my travelscoot back to my office via the elevators.

This picture shows the braided nylon with cordlock at the top of the basket which allows for quick leveling of the basket when the tray is used. It also is stronger than the original plastic and less involved than undoing the velcro tie that I was originally using. Still use the velcro tie to hold the scooter wires to the tiller. This pic also shows the 2-3/4 inch and 22 inch long velcro one wrap strapped over the top of the basket. (you can get 6 feet of this from Campmore for 3.99 plus shipping and cut it to the size you want but the ones I used were originally sold at Lowes for holding water hoses).

This one shows the underside of the kids play tray I got from Letsgostrolling.com with two pieces of 2 inch wide stick on velcro stuck on it. You just lay the tray down on the basket and the velcro sticks fast but can be removed. Really this same plan would work with a wooden or plastic tray just as well. That sticky back velcro sticks to just about anything but I really like the one wrap best since it can be used over and over again for many things.

And this one shows my tray in place and ready to use. Works great.

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